Meet the Sylvester’s

   Writing a blog… something I never thought I’d actually do! But getting married and pregnant in 2016 also brings a year of firsts. So go easy on me guys!! This is out of my comfort zone… but I’m taking the leap! What motivated me to start sharing our journey was this crazy, adventurous life my husband and I live with a baby on the way (and our dog Jax of course). When I met him at my first hockey game, little did I know over 4 years later I would be travelling overseas for a new hockey season with him every year in Europe. The idea was obviously exciting to me, and without owning a house yet it was easy for us to pack up what we needed and off we went! 2 years in Vienna, Austria… then 2 years in a small town called Dornbirn, which we are now going onto our 3rd season there this August.

   Now I wouldn’t say I’m not as excited as I was our very first season in Europe, but it definitely comes with some struggles. I am such a home body, so it made leaving for all those holidays extra hard! My family is so close, we spend every single holiday together, all the cousins, parents, aunties and uncles and our granny. So when I spent my first Christmas away from everyone it was definitely hard, but I also got to make new traditions with Dustin. We had never had a Christmas together until this last year… so crazy! So that was amazing (even though he had to leave Christmas morning for a game) we still got to have our first one together!

   With that being said, some things have become easier rather than harder… like packing to move away for 6 months. I was SO stressed our first season away, and I think I may have packed a little much. Things like body wash and toothpaste, which clearly can be bought there… oops! Now that I have 4 seasons of packing back and forth under my belt and feel like a pro, just throw a baby into the mix and I feel like i’ll be starting from square one! But not only that, not knowing what products I can get in Austria and what I will have to bring with us?! How much is over the top, do you over pack and go prepared… or just the necessities and get everything else there. What about on the plane for a 10+ hour flight with a 5 week old (ish), so much to think about!!!!

   So here I am, including you on my adventure, lifestyle and learning experience, things that work for me travelling with a baby… and things that don’t! Hopefully we can all help each other here, what travelling tips with a new born do you have for me?!


31 thoughts on “Meet the Sylvester’s

  1. Lisa says:

    Best advice I got was to bring a nursing pillow on the plane! So when they sleep you have something to rest your arms on! A 5 week old will probably sleep the whole time so you will be golden! Good luck! Cute blog! 😉

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  2. Ali says:

    As a newly married hockey wife who’s husband is considering Europe for next season I cannot tell you how excited I am to read about your experiences! LOVE that you’re doing this! Thank you!


  3. Michelle says:

    Definitely use the Facebook group we have for hockey wives! So many women helping each other with the same experiences! I know you are already on it! 🙂
    I never had a baby over there- but I felt they definitely have so many great baby products there! Such nice quality too! Also the doctors were great with other hockey players kids!

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  4. Marisa says:

    I am really excited for this blog! My husband and I love to travel and have made a commitment to continue to do so when we have children. We will be going to Europe for a month next year, hopefully with a baby (fingers crossed), so I am excited to see the Do’s and Don’ts. Thanks for being our little guinea pig. 😉

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  5. Lindsay says:

    We had our first baby this last season over there in Germany! The only things we brought over beforehand was car seat, stroller, Ergo, onesies & jammies, infant Tylenol and colic drops (but you can find everything over there no problem). DM has a great baby section and of course Amazon! Also, highly recommend requesting a bassinet row on your flight if you can, otherwise a friend of ours traveled back and forth with a dock a tot and that worked well too if you aren’t wearing baby! Good luck, travel will all be great! Xo

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    • adventurelittleone says:

      Congrats!! Good to know you can find lots of the same stuff over there, I guess it’s just intimidating being used to all the products we have in Canada and not knowing the equivalent over there! I didn’t know you could do that with a bassinet on the flights until I saw it coming home this year!! So awesome! Thanks for the tips!


  6. Jenna says:

    Congrats on the blog! Or “journal” 😙 I haven’t traveled yet with my 6 month babe but heard at tale off and Landing baby’s ears will hurt so feeding them helps.. (So I’ve heard)

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  7. Caroline says:

    As others have said, European baby products seem to be a higher quality than in the US and CA. My daughter, now 9 months old, could never breastfeed despite LOTS of effort. So I’ve pumped and supplemented with formula. After much research on the best formula i decided to use the brand “Holle” from Germany. Hopefully you won’t have any problems nursing but if you do you should should have better options over there.
    Also, on your flight, I recommend baby wearing. I preferred my Solly wrap during the newborn phase. Good luck and Congratulations!!!

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    • adventurelittleone says:

      That’s good to hear! I’ve also heard great things about formula there so far. Yes I think I am going to try wearing her on the flight, everyone has told me the same tip so far so must be the way to do it!! Thank you!!


  8. Lee says:

    Do your best to make sure baby is hungry before take off and landing, it helps them equalize their ears while they are feeding. The flight attendants are super helpful, ask if it’s a long taxi before takeoff, it varies widely depending on the airport.

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