The Stroller!

    The stroller… aka. the fun part!! (for me anyways). Almost immediately after we found out I was pregnant I began looking online at all the fun stuff, clothes, nursery inspo, baby blankets, names… and of course the bigger necessities. I know that our stroller will be very well used, so once it came to figuring out which one we wanted, it was pretty easy. I already knew I wanted a Bugaboo Stroller, we know of quite a few people who have them and love them… so I was easily convinced! Just have to figure out which one is best for us!

   Now, I normally don’t do a lot of research on products when I want something, I’m usually to impatient and just go buy it. But when it came down to this I had a lot of questions/requirements!


Some things I was looking for:

  • All Terrain (wheel size and shocks) – As many of you know, Europe is known for cobble stone streets. Dustin and I also do tons of walking on trails with our dog Jax and hike as much as we can!
  • Lightweight – Obviously for that fact that we are travelling back and forth from Canada to Europe!
  • The Fold – We needed something that could fold up easily and compact enough to make travelling all that easier!


   I started doing research like crazy on all the different models Bugaboo had, my husband Dustin made fun of me because throughout the ENTIRE day, every time he looked over at my phone I was looking at strollers! Immediately I thought the Buffalo was the one for our lifestyle, the first word I saw was All Terrain… perfect! All 4 wheels are big enough to get through trails, snow and those cobble stone streets. We decided we better go check one out in person either way, but after we had someone help us in store and pushed the stroller around the isles I was second guessing it! It would definitely handle ANY terrain, but it was one of the heavier strollers (27lbs), and sure the fold was still compact… there were still smaller ones that would suit travelling better! Back to the research board…

   I would have LOVED the new Bee5, it would be the perfect small stroller to travel with (only 19.6lbs) and it’s so nice looking! I was immediately shut down from that though because of the wheel size. They are nice and small… but for the urban mom, aka. the city stroller!

   So, I think that we have decided on the Cameleon3! Between the Buffalo and the Bee, it is right in the middle! It’s only a few pounds heavier then the Bee (21lbs) and it has 2 large wheels that can be either in the front or the back, 2 smaller ones with shock absorption you can adjust due to your babies weight and as they get heavier. Even if it get’s a little to bumpy with the smaller ones, you have the option to purchase the bigger wheels and switch them out! You could tell a minor difference when it was folded up beside the Buffalo, a bit narrower, and was easier to maneuver with the small wheels up front!

   Before we make the final decision… have any of you used the Cameleon3 on dirt or pebble pathways? Would love to know your thoughts and if any of you have a Bugaboo Stroller!



16 thoughts on “The Stroller!

  1. alyneakuhn says:

    My only dislike about the cameleon is the basket! (But I have an uppababy and the basket fits all my groceries in it, lol). Before I had my own baby I pushed my girlfriends buffalo with her baby in it for months (around Italy) and it was just so bulky and big! I think you’re making the best choice of the 3 you have in mind! My best friend has the cameleon and it’s an easy push!

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  2. SHEILA says:

    I love strollers and baby gear! When I purchased my strollers I researched like crazy to find the ones that would best suit my family’s needs. At one time I had four strollers (single high end all terrain jogger, inexpensive full sized travel stroller, all terrain high end double stroller and a umbrella stroller)! I would suggest researching on-line reviews of the strollers that you are interested in. I found this pretty in depth on-line review of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and it seems to sadly have some performance issues ( This review also rates the stroller against the current popular strollers.

    Happy Stroller Shopping!

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  3. Michelle says:

    What an exciting time for you and your husband!!! I just want to echo Alynea’s comment above about the size of the basket underneath the stroller. I, too, purchased the Uppababy and was so appreciative to have space underneath for groceries, blanket, diaper bag, etc. It’s def not one for hikes but would do well on cobble roads. Happy shopping, it’s such an exciting time, let us know what you decide on!

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  4. Maria says:

    I’ve heard great things about Bugaboo’s, but have you considered the Uppababy Vista? We’ve had ours for 6 years, it’s gone through two messy, crazy boys, and it still looks great. We’ve used in in Munich (lots of cobblestone there) and it did great! It’s easy to push, not terribly heavy, can adapt to two kids for the future, and has a HUGE basket.

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  5. Krystal says:

    I am 6 months along and just purchased my stroller after lots of research and in store trials. I was between the Bugaboo and Stokke and ultimately went with the Stokke Xplory for its compact size, baby seat height and functionality. I’m in the city so didn’t need all terrain but Stokke makes a great all terrain option with a bit more storage. I also got the Steps bouncer/high chair and am nothing but impressed with the Stokke products.

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  6. babybumpinwithtwins says:

    we just got a city select baby jogger and it is great! … light weight, folds easily, and has lots of add-one to fit your needs! We also love our Thule Chaoriot for trails and bumpy roads (but it’s not great for travel).

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  7. Mommyofaboy says:

    Some advice for someone who has a bugaboo, I personally would consider expanding your search to include Uppababy. It has an amazing push, nice big foam wheels so you don’t have to worry about deflating, a HUGE basket to fit everything you need, and an easy convenient fold (plus the seat doesn’t need to come off like the Bugaboo, which is so much better). I did myself a disservice by only considering the bugaboo because of the popularity and how high-end it was and ended up spending more money by changing to the Vista after the baby was born. Suspension is great on the bugaboo, but pretty comparable to the Vista (in my opinion) if you go for the Cam and not the Buffalo. Also, if weight is important and you’re really set on the Bugaboo line up, I would also consider the Frog. But I highly recommend the vista. I hope this helps! The stroller purchase was so stressful, but I’m sure you’ll love whatever you decide!

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  8. Adriana says:

    We had it narrowed down to chameleon and uppababy vista. In the end we chose vista for 2 main reasons: 1. The weight capacity is higher, hubby and I are both tall and are expecting our boy to be tall/on the heavier side … and 2. The uppababy is able to convert to a double

    Happy shopping!

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  9. Carla says:

    I don’t understand – did this stroller brand sponsor this post, or did you just do a free ad for them? If it’s sponsored, you should say so.


    • Niki5 says:

      Not sure what there is to not understand? She wrote a post about the stroller she wanted? I too only had my heart set on the bugaboo and they have many to choose from! And I’m sure she would have said that right away if it was sponsored, loud and proud because those strollers are not cheap!

      In that note, I have the donkey and love to! I do agree about bugaboo baskets. Wish they were bigger! My friend has the uppababy and it is massive in comparison!


  10. Melanie says:

    I have the chameleon and LOVE it- we live on a farm so I am constantly taking my daughter for walks through the bumpy pastures, gravel driveway etc and it is still really great and smooth! But… I had to buy a new double stroller when we had our 2nd and if you want more than 1 kid you will end up doing the same so for that reason I’d recommend the Donkey or the City Select or Uppa Baby Vista- I’ve used and love all 3 although I ended up purchasing the City Select!

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  11. Bettina says:

    I have to say I really love our bugaboo Buffalo! I did never regret it. It was perfect for small hikes. We live in western Austria, so to me the big wheels where a must. Also it fit in the car and was not to heavy (i am a tiny person) , I do not know if you already bought yours, but I can highly recommend it!

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  12. Zoe Hildebrand says:

    The uppababy vista is unreal. We just switched from the baby jogger city select to the vista and LOVE it. Don’t know much about the ones you are looking at though.


  13. Julia Lussier says:

    I want to talk about light weight stroller. Lightweight stroller means umbrella stroller. its handles are curved and have a roof. Most people choose it for its light weight. It can be easily folded and good for traveling. Bugaboo, Jovvy, City Mini and other well known brands have this type of strollers. The price is also affordable. So it will be a wise choice for parents.


  14. Asuncion Chaffee says:

    Travel strollers should be smaller than the daily used strollers. The main thing that people love about these strollers is their lightweight and fold. But people can also use it for their daily usage if they don’t need to carry many baby products with them. In your blog, you have suggested between two travel strollers. but I think there are more good strollers that people are eagerly looking for.


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