Baby Sly Update!

   I wanted to share with you guys some of our updates on Baby Sly! Up until about 3 weeks ago my belly has been measuring on point at every appointment, then I started to measure under. As a precaution my Doctor wanted to send me for an ultrasound to make sure everything was OK and she was growing. We went for an ultrasound on the 1st, I was 32 weeks and 4 days… and she was measuring at 30 weeks 4 days, 2 weeks behind (this doesn’t change my due date). I would of thought something like this would stress me out and worry me to the max, but for some reason I felt that everything was ok.

   Dustin and I are both small people, so I mean I don’t imagine she will be massive. All that matters to me is if she’s healthy, and there were no other issues on the ultrasound! We had our 2 week Dr appointment the other day, my belly is still growing, but now only a week behind by those measurements. So same thing, as a precaution we are scheduled for another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure she is continually growing. We were also sent for a NST (Non-Stress Test) yesterday. We made it 10 minutes into the test and the nurse said everything looked great! The NST was checking her heart rate and movement, so I had to click a button every time I felt her move, and I will continue to go to them every week for now!

   It’s crazy how your instinct’s kick in though, because like I said… I worry and get anxiety a lot, and I have been calm and feeling like everything is OK with this (which after the extra US and NST we have been told everything is good!). On the bright side to all of this, we get to see our girl a few extra times via Ultrasound!

   Still amazes me what our bodies can do, I just sit there staring at my belly… in disbelief there is a baby in there, so wild!!



9 thoughts on “Baby Sly Update!

  1. Dana says:

    This was the end of my pregnancy to a T! Ultrasounds every 3 days and NST once a week. I ended up being 8 days late and our girl was only 6 lbs 12 oz, she was just a tiny baby!

    Best of luck! It’s the most incredible thing when you see their little face for the first time!

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  2. Adrianna says:

    At 33 weeks I developed severe preeclampsia. The doctors did everything possible to keep my son in as long as they possibly could but at 33 weeks and 4 days my baby boy was delivered via emergency c section. The whole time I was in the hospital and had no idea what was going on, I knew he was going to be okay. I am generally an anxious person and I usually stress about the littlest things but with this, I was as calm as can be. It’s amazing what motherly instincts do. So glad to hear baby sly is doing fabulous! Best of luck and I hope you have an easy delivery.

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  3. Stacey says:

    This happened with me and my daughter! She was measuring almost 4 weeks behind and was going for weekly ultrasounds towards the end. She ended up being 8 pounds 11 ounces!

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    • adventurelittleone says:

      I have heard from a few people that their babies weight via ultrasound was way off once they were born! So I guess it’s hard to tell, I know her positioning changes when I lay down so it’s probably hard to get an accurate belly measurement!


  4. alyneakuhn says:

    Our bodies are crazy, right?! Hang in there! I had NST’s twice a week for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy! At least it keeps you at ease to know everything is okay 🙂


  5. maryjane says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling everything is ok 😊 I’m due at the end of June and am also measuring under…scary but I also feel that it will work out 💕 Enjoy these last few weeks! Cheers, Mary Jane


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