Hayden’s first flight!

Last week me, Dustin and Hayden had to fly to Ottawa for a quick trip, which was Hayden’s first flight at 4 weeks old. I was quite a bit overwhelmed, I’m an over thinker… so of course what’s going through my mind is do you gate check or baggage check the car seat and stroller? Do you bring the travel bags? Pump, bottles and where to wash things? How are we going to carry everything?! LOL Dock a tot, Diaper bag, carry on’s, and of course Hayden!!

With all these question’s I asked you all on my instagram, I’ve had a lot of you momma’s with a first trip ahead of you ask me how the trip went, and everything we did to ensure the trip went smoothly, so here it is!

Started off by checking into our flight, and I realized the small cooler with my breastmilk was leaking allllll over our clothes, then as we went to security I was of course selected for the random pat down with Hayden in hand, as well as both of our bags checked and swabbed, off to a great start lol! At least I wasn’t asked to taste my milk to prove it wasn’t toxic, I was laughing when many of you ladies told me you were asked to do this at security haha! But thank goodness that was the only small hiccups we had. We decided to gate check the stroller and car seat without the travel bags, and I probably won’t do it that way again until she is older and a bit bigger. We ended up using our Beluga Wrap during layovers, so she wasn’t in her stroller anyways. It was really just something extra to worry about and was being used for a cart to carry the Dock a Tot, diaper bag and carry on. So for our next flight at the end of this month to Austria, we will be baggage checking them so it’s less items to worry about.

As for pumping, I have not had an issue with the “extra work” of it, until before this flight. After each pump and feed where do you wash everything? and how do you store it? Well lots you ladies gave me great tips! One tip I got was to store the bottles and pump on ice in our cooler bag after she fed until you had access to a sink, that way the milk wouldn’t spoil on them. This definitely came in handy because there was no way I was washing them in the airplane sink! Another tip was the Medela Steam Bags, these were a serious lifesaver!! After I rinsed them in the airport (I brought a small container of dish soap) I threw everything in the steam bag, and asked a restaurant in the airport to pop it in the microwave for us! One thing we didn’t think about was having a microwave (for steaming) and a fridge to store the milk in our hotel room, I just assumed… as most hotels have them. Well of course ours didn’t, so make sure you ask about that! Medela wipes was another suggestion from lots of you, I didn’t have time to get any before the trip, but they will be a must for the next one for a quick clean!

For the flight itself, it was SO easy… just like at home all she did was eat and sleep, and no crying on any of the flights was an added bonus! She was a champ! We fed her during take off and landing for her ears, and if she wouldn’t eat, the soother worked as well. It was a great “practice” trip before our big flight to Europe, and made me feel so much better. Not sure why I was worrying so much… so for all you momma’s going on a first flight with your babe, don’t stress! It’s so not worth the worry, and I can bet everything will go smoothly!




18 thoughts on “Hayden’s first flight!

  1. Erin says:

    No shaming or judgement just a question! Are you not breastfeeding? Just pumping and bottle feeding? I have a 7 month old son and at first we had to do some bottle feeding but the boob is so much easier and I am not shy to do feed him everywhere and anywhere.
    LOVED your girly sip and see!


    • adventurelittleone says:

      No I’m not! She won’t latch, we still continue to try here and there, but exclusively pumping has been working for us! The boob would be so much easier, especially while travelling, but we are making it work!


      • Vanessa says:

        My little one wouldn’t latch and now we’re currently using a nipple shield . If you haven’t heard about it , it’s amazing !


      • adventurelittleone says:

        I actually bought one the day we came home from the hospital and it never worked. But she is stronger now and my milk has slowed down, now that everyone is reminding me of it again I’m going to try today! Thank you!


  2. Jillyn says:

    Yes!!! Thank you for this blog. It honestly answered all my questions and anxiety fears!! You are absolutely a wonderful person and mom!! Love reading your blog and honesty. Thank you for the great reads and advice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mommyofaboy says:

    Travel at this age, I found, was the EASIEST! Once you plan out what you’re going to do with things (like the pump and parts and all that good stuff) it’s a cinch because all they do is eat and sleep! It’s really a bit of trial and error and seeing what works for you! I find it harder when they get a bit older and you have to occupy them for an 13 hour flight and they’re not allowed to move much! Then the real fun begins!


    • adventurelittleone says:

      Oh that’s exactly what I’ve heard lol is to enjoy it now while all they do is sleep, and to wait until they are running around. Will be interesting on the flight home when she’s around 8 months and I’m travelling alone haha


  4. Caroline says:

    Great job! Seriously. Exclusively pumping is no joke. I had the exact same experience with my daughter (now 12 mo old). Traveling and pumping takes lots of extra thought and planning. I exclusively pumped for 6 months then switched over to solids and formula (we used Holle from Germany). Thank you for sharing your experience. Good luck and great job, mama!!


  5. Melanie says:

    We have our first flight coming up and Im curious- Did you bring the dock a tot as a carry on onto the plane in its bag? Trying to decide what to do with ours as thats the only way our baby sleeps.

    Also, how did you know when to start to get her sucking for landing? Mine refuses a soother and is breastfed so I dont want to start too early (they usually announce it around 30 mins before but no way he’ll nurse that long)


    • adventurelittleone says:

      Yes we brought it as a carry on (without the bag, whoops!) lol got insanely dirty but nothing the wash didn’t fix! I wasn’t sure what to do with that situation either, but taking it along wasn’t bad at all!

      I didn’t really know to be honest! Taking off is easy, but when they make the announcement she wasn’t eating either, so we just gave her the soother on and off and she seemed to be fine, she didn’t fuss or anything! So you could always take it away for a few minutes then back on?


  6. SandyK says:

    It’s an entirely different method for a baby to latch to the breast or bottle. I would recommend you try the shield as a transition to latching onto the breast There are different sizes. At the very least you only have to wash it. That worked for our first grandchild. By about 3-4 months she was able to latch and because of the contact she was familiar with the position. She weaned herself at 18 months.
    Has your Dr checked Hayden for a tongue tie? It’s an easy fix and some babies can’t latch because of it.
    You are amazing to do what you are doing. All the best for your time in Austria with Dustin and Hayden.


    • adventurelittleone says:

      I haven’t checked with my Dr about that yet! But I do actually have a nipple shield already that I am going to try and start using today and see how it goes! She tried it the first few days and just choked, but my milk and slowed down and she’s stronger!
      Thanks so much!


  7. Janey says:

    I am traveling with my 8 week old next week and I am torn on gate checking my stroller and car seat. I am traveling alone and no layovers so I’m thinking it would be easier to gate check but I’m worried about them damaging my expensive stroller (if I baggage check it I would pack it with bubble wrap to protect it)
    Did your stroller get dirty or damaged? Did you put it in a bag of some sort?


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