Our favourites

Hayden is already just over 2 months old… holy!! Time has flown by already, I now understand when moms say it goes by quickly, because it sure does. It’s been a while since my last post… but we have been busy! We spent our last month in Kelowna and Vernon spending as much time with family and friends as possible before our yearly move to Austria for Hockey. Then our last few days packing, and holy was it different this year, WAY more stuff had to be packed with having Hayden now (we leave for 6-9 months). An extra bag for her, plus the stroller and car seat bag, hockey gear and all of mine and Dustin’s things, plus our dog Jax.

But when it came to packing for Hayden, I obviously couldn’t bring everything. I had to limit her stuff to one bag. So I’m going to share some of the must haves for her that we couldn’t leave behind.

First things first… Dock a tot! We could not live without this thing, we bring it absolutely every where with us, and I can’t say enough good things about it. If we are cooking dinner she is in the kitchen with us, outside on the grass, having a bath, on the couch, in the bed at night… everywhere!! It is SO convenient! (brought as a carry on to save room in her bag).

Beluga Baby Wrap… my favourite!! I have used these wraps SO much and have so many people asking what brand it is. They are easy to put in the diaper bag, comfortable and such good fabric! Hayden also loves them, the second she goes in, she falls asleep.

Next is our Bugaboo Stroller, we do so much more walking here in Europe, so having a stroller I loved was a must. So far my favourite part has been the bassinet, its comfy for Hayden and so easy to get her in and out of. That’s the only part about clipping the car seat into the stroller that I don’t like, if you want to get her out it’s a hassle then putting her back in she usually isn’t to happy. So YAY for the bassinet! Walks along the river in Dornbirn have never looked so good!

Fawn Design diaper bag! This thing is super comfortable to wear, looks awesome, and holds so much stuff. I like that it isn’t as deep as regular back packs, so it makes finding things that much easier then shuffling around in a deep bag trying to find things. I have retired my purse for the time being, so it has been coming everywhere with me, holding both mine and Hayden’s things.

I tried to pack a variety of 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 that we already had (tons of hand me downs from my cousins Jill and Tori!) But if we find there’s something we forgot or don’t have… we can always buy it here.


Other things we brought along and just some brands that we love!


There’s so many other brands, it’s hard to name them all… these are just a few we love! (PS. this is not a sponsored post)


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